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About us. The Myplace network

Myplace is a network of state-of-the-art youth Centres

Myplace Centres serve disadvantaged communities by providing world class services that support and engage young people.

No two Myplace Centres are the same because each Centre has been designed to meet the needs of local people. But each Myplace Centre is committed to helping young people to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities that they need to become independent, mature citizens and responsible members of their communities. A voluntary code of practice sets out the principles which unite Myplace Centres. 

Myplace Network Limited is a not-for-profit company formed by Myplace Centres to help Centres to work together collaboratively and so better serve young people and their communities.

An Advisory Board of network members advises and informs Myplace Network Limited's activities.

Myplace Network Limited is chaired by Heather Fawbert from Myplace Chesterfield.  The company's other board members are Helal Ahmed (Tower Hamlets) and Ian Cruise-Taylor (Walsall).  For further information about Myplace Network Limited please contact Heather at

"I have seen first hand what Myplace centres can offer and have been hugely impressed
by the passion of the staff and the very high quality of the facilities. Myplace Centres
show what is possible when young people are closely involved right from the start. They
should remain a beacon of innovation within the local communities they serve and
provide inspiration for private, voluntary, and public sector engagement in the years to 
Edward Timpson.  Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Children and Families)

"From the first day I arrived here I fell in love with the place.  I spend more time here
than I do my real home.  It's still exciting walking in every day. Being here has helped me
see where I want my life to go....  I have one word to sum  up my time here and that word
is simply 'inspiring'."

Will (15)


myplace in action

The launch of The BIG Music Project

31/03/2014 todo

The BIG Music Project is launched

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Surprise guest in Factory soap

03/10/2013 todo

Tim Loughton visited The Factory, the Myplace Centre in Manchester and was invited to take part in a soap opera at the Centre's radio station.

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Caius House joins the Myplace network

16/09/2013 todo

Caius House (a Charity and Youth Club that has served the community of Battersea for 125 years) is currently building a magnificent new youth Centre and is the 64th Centre to join the network of Myplace Centres.

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March 2013: Evaluation of Myplace Centres shows links between Myplace and positive change for young people

15/08/2013 todo

The BIG Lottery Fund commissioned an independent evaluation of the impact of Myplace Centres. The findings of the evaluation showed that Myplace Centres are associated with a range of positive outcomes for young people.

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March 2013: Myplace Network Limited is launched

08/08/2013 todo

Myplace Network Limited (MNL), a not for profit company, was launched at a conference of almost 150 Myplace delegates in Chesterfield. MNL will support collaboration between Myplace Centres and help Centres to engage with national partners.

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April 2008: The Myplace programme begins

01/08/2013 todo

In April 2008 the Department for Education launched the Myplace programme with a budget of around £240m, The first Myplace Centre to open was "Open" in Norwich in September 2009.

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