Young People

07 August 2013

Myplace Centres are open to all young people.

In addition, Centres are actively engaged in reaching out into local communities to identify the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and in helping these young people to become involved in sustained, purposeful activities.

Since the conception of Myplace, young people have been leading the development of their Centres; first driving decisions about the facilities that they want to see in their Centres and now overseeing the services that are being delivered for them.  This has meant more than simply consulting young people about proposals; it has involved actively engaging young people in all parts of the planning process and in the management of the delivery of services.

The videos below were created by young delegates at a recent conference.  They explain what Myplace means to them.  Please click on the links to find out more. 



Myplace Network Limited is currently in the process of establishing a Youth Board to facilitate quick consultation with representatives of young people nationally and to give young people the opportunity to raise issues and make proposals to the Myplace Network Limited board. 


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