Apprenticeships and Training

07 August 2013

Myplace Centres offer young people a wide range of training opportunities, for example in catering, car/bike maintenance, hairdressing and many other areas. 

Many Myplace Centres are also involved in training young apprentices.  Myplace Rotherham for example, has worked closely with Rotherham Borough Council on a successful programme to train 14 apprentice youth workers, most of whom found relevant work quickly on completion of their training.   Myplace Rotherham also provide work experience for Business Administration and Hospitality and Catering Apprenticeships.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Chris, Rotherham Myplace's latest Business administration apprentice

Some Centres also provide start-up facilities for young people-led social enterprises. For example the Salmon Centre in Bermondsey, Southwark is working with the London Support Youth Trust to help young people set up their own businesses. The Salmon Centre has space for 6 businesses but through careful management of resources and hot-desking arrangements they can support up to 20 new businesses at any one time. 


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