07 August 2013

Young people have specific health problems and developmental needs that differ from those of children or adults.  Many young people engage in behaviours (including experimentation with drugs and alcohol and sexual activity) that reflect processes of adolescent development but which entail risks to health.  Inappropriate patterns of behaviour established during teenage years can also continue into adulthood and, over time, can lead to chronic health problems.  Myplace Centres, with their access to disadvantaged communities, have an important role to play in supporting young people by providing confidential help and advice in-house and by helping young people to access the services that they need from other sources.

The Myplace Centre in Nottingham, "NGY myplace", provides a safe place for young people to come, meet their friends and have fun, while knowing if there is a problem they can access the services that they need in confidence.

                                                                                                                                          NGY myplace

NGY myplace is run by Base 51.  Base 51 takes an “all-round” approach, providing services that help young people to manage “physical” health issues but also supporting young people’s emotional well-being and helping with “basics” such as ensuring that young people have somewhere safe to live, that they have a hot meal to eat and that they have access to somewhere to wash their clothes.  NGY myplace was designed with this wrap-around offer to young people in mind and the building and its resources (such as digital media and the gym) all support Base 51’s approach.

Health services delivered at NGY myplace include:

  • Contraception and Sexual Health services. A dedicated Nurse, operating as part of the Base 51 team, delivers sexual health services, including a screening programme and Ccard (condom scheme) to young people, all in a fun and engaging way.
  • Counselling services. Drop-in sessions, followed by on-going counselling, are provided to over 300 young people a year. 
  • Drug and alcohol services. 

Access to these services (by self-referral, through NGY myplace support workers and through GPs, schools and others) is kept as easy as possible for young people and the quality of services is assured through strict adherence to the Department of Health’s “You’re Welcome” Standard which ensures that services are young people friendly.


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