From Chesterfield to Bognor....

16 September 2013
As the chair of Myplace Network Limited I try to get out and about as much as I can to visit other Centres and I am constantly astonished by the variety of the places that  I visit.  In July, for example, I had a whistle-stop visit to the north-east during which I visited three Centres in one day.   They were all fantastic but their locations couldn't have been more different.  One was based near the old
dockyards in the centre of Middlesbrough; the second was practically on the beach at Redcar and the third was located in the rural community of Barnard Castle in County Durham.

As I visited these Centres it was impossible not to reflect on the different life experiences of young people across the network and on the benefits of bringing young people from different backgrounds together to learn from each others' lives. 

Later in the summer I had the opportunity to give six young people with disabilities from my Centre in Chesterfield the chance to experience a very different world by taking them to spend a long weekend with young people from The Phoenix Centre, the Myplace Centre in Bognor Regis in West Sussex. 

Our hosts in Bognor were fantastic and everyone had a brilliant time.   We had a beach barbeque, played crazy golf, took part in a recycled drumming workshop and much more.  As the weekend progressed we could see the confidence and self-esteem of the both sets of young people involved growing visibly.  

Next year we will return the hospitality of The Phoenix Centre by playing host in Chesterfield to the young people of Bognor.  We hope
we will be able to provide an equally memorable and life-changing experience.

But Myplace Network Limited wants to help as many young people as possible to benefit from this kind of exchange.  We don't have the funding to meet the costs of visits - you will need to find the funding yourselves.  But we can help by brokering links between Centres.  So if you are interested in Centre Exchanges get in touch and we will try to help.    


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