07 August 2013

Arts related activities can benefit young people in many ways. Initially they can act as a tool for engaging young people but arts activities over time can also (amongst other things):

  • support young people’s emotional development and their wider health and wellbeing;
  • help young people to develop self-esteem and to become more aspirational, and
  • assist with progression into further learning and employment.

The range of arts related activities at Myplace Centres is very wide and almost all Myplace Centres offer some forms of arts related activities (see also "Music" and "Dancing".)  The Pokesdown Youth Centre for example in Bournemouth boasts a large main multi-purpose hall with state of the art lighting and sound facilities.  It is used, amongst other things, for dance and drama classes and full theatre performances.

The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford specialises in performing arts for young people.  Pegasus offers workshops, projects and course places for young people and adults in street dance, art, drama, musical theatre, puppetry and much more.  

The Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.                                                                                                                                                                           The Pegasus Theatre



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