Advice and Guidance

07 August 2013
I would like the youth to know that they don’t need an iPhone to validate them or labels to give them an identity. That they can gain their status through hard work and personal success. All they need is guidance. There are a lot of talented, good hearted, intelligent young people out there who have the power to do something with their lives, they just don’t know it yet.
Plan B

Most Myplace Centres act as hubs for a range of information, advice and guidance services including careers advice/mentoring (91%), vocational training (90%), health services (90%), alternative education (70%), further education (61%), counselling (58%) and financial advice (51%).  (Figures taken from the Sheffield Hallam University evaluation of the Myplace network.)

The Myplace Centre in Middlesbrough, for example, is home to 8 different organisations and services meaning that young people can get confidential advice, guidance and support at the Centre on “any issue”, including:

  • Education, employment and training information
  • Health Services
  • Pregnancy and sexual health advice
  • Drugs and alcohol advice, guidance and support
  • Support for young offenders.


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